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Historical marks

The settlement is very old, the certifying reference being in the 18th century. The little villages founded the future town. It was initially known because of its "Saint Ilie Fair" that following the Leipzig fair was one of the most famous commercial crossways in Europe. The official certifying as a urban settlement and the further modern development of the Falticeni city were due to the definite economic contribution of the community of Jews. The town became famous because of the nationally and internationally known personalities that originated or inhabited in here. The famous literary critic George Calinescu remarked the creative in-voice of the people here, as well as their greatness in number. Because of all these, in 1939 he placed the town on a third place in the country, following Bucharest and Iasi, regarding its cultural permanence.

map of Suceava County

Map of Suceava County


The city of Falticeni is set at the crossroads of the geographical framework 47028' Northern latitude and 26018' Eastern longitude, as well as at 348 ms height above the sea. The city is crossed by the E85 Driveway (Bucharest-Suceava). It is placed at a distance of 25 kms far from Suceava -the administrative center of the county, at 120 kms far from Vatra Dornei, at 80 kms far from Roman, 135 kms far from Bacau, 125 kms far from Iasi and 450 kms far from the capital city, Bucharest. Traveling on the railroad thoroughfare Bucharest-Suceava-Vicsani, you can reach the city of Falticeni on the secondary railway segment Dolhasca-Falticeni, which is 25 kms long. The closest airport is set in Salcea, 12 kms far from Suceava and 37 kms far from Falticeni. The climatic conditions are temperate -continental with Baltic influences. The yearly average temperature measured in 50 years is of 8, 10 C and of the rainfall is of 623,4 mms.

Natural resources

The hill relief permitted the extension all over the place of the deciduous and resinous forests, so the wood industry is well represented in the city and its surroundings. The zone offers special pedoclimatic conditions for the culture of the fruit trees and of the potato, as well as for animal breeding. Round the city we can find a girdle of about 1500 hectares of orchards.


According to the census from March, 18th, 2002, the stable population of Falticeni is of 28,899 inhabitants. The surface of the city is 28,76 sq km (a quarter covered by orchards and lakes).

At the end of 2002, in Falticeni were registered 1623 market operators. The greatest coverage is held by the commerce sector (en-gross and en-detail commerce), that represent about 76,3 per cents from the whole number. The services hold 16,9 per cents, the industrial sector, 5 per cents, the buildings and agriculture having approximately the same coverage, of 0,8 per cents.

The industrial branches are the chemical industry, alcoholic and refreshing drinks industry, light industry-clothing, wood industry (the rough wood processing and impregnation, furniture production), building materials industry, steel buildings, food industry (the bread and pastry manufacture, meat products, dairy and cheese, the processing and preservation of fruit and vegetables, fish and fish products).

The agricultural surface of Falticeni is of 1865 ha. The analysis of agricultural surface shows that it represents 68,3% from the total surface of the administrative unit, preponderant being the agricultural fields and orchards. In spite of its constant increase, the evolution of the turnover registered by the economic agents in agriculture was descendent in 2001, but it raised again starting with 2002.


The turnover from services and tourism, although is increasing, remains minimal, compared to the touristic opportunities offered by the zone: 128 memorial places and houses, 4 museums-2 of historical importance-,art collections, the vicinity with the north-Moldavian monasteries, the belle-view zones, hunting fields (bear, deer, wild boar etc.), sportive fishing.

Master Ion Irimescu at the age of 100

Master Ion Irimescu at the age of 100


Art Museum 'Ion Irimescu' - offers to the public a rich and important permanent exhibit of contemporary art, constituted from the centenary artist Ion Irimescu's donations.

Water World Museum 'Mihai Bacescu' - founded by the academician Mihai Bacescu, friend and colaborer of oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau and apprentice of the scientist Emil Racovita. The museum presents the water world. In the museum there exists a room of aquariums, a relief world globe (including marine relief) with a 1,50ms diameter, works of graphic and a documentary fond.

Gallery of Great Men - offers to the public an excursion in the spiritual atmosphere of the city and its culture men: writers, painters, actors, musicians, scientists (over 140 personalities of national and international value).

Memorial House 'Mihail Sadoveanu' - the first house built by the great writer, preserves the specific atmosphere from his works.

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